An Energy Diagnosis

It's a kind of "breathing" test for the engine but also a more exhaustive technical pollution control than that practiced by most countries.

This test also makes it possible to compare and locate the pollution of your car in relation to the references of the same model.

You can then, through maintenance, act to help reduce pollution even on a used car. Being committed to the planet does not mean exclusively having to change vehicles , with the significant costs that this implies….


Pollutants Explanations

CO2: carbon dioxide - natural product of fuel combustion, it's a gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect.
CO: carbon monoxide
HC: unburned hydrocarbons - resulting from the incomplete combustion of fuel, they participate in the formation low-level of ozone which can cause inflammatory reactions in the bronchi and damage to lung tissue. They participate in particular in the formation of acid rain which destroys plants and aquatic organisms.
NOx: nitrogen oxides - nitrogen oxides exist in the form of NO and NO2, they are directly related to the combustion temperature, the higher the latter, the greater the NOx emissions. NO is an irritant gas for the bronchi and reduces the oxygenating power of the blood (like CO), it is considered to be 10 times more toxic than CO, NO2 has the same effects but multiplied by 4 (i.e. 40 times more toxic than CO).


Ecology is not just for those who can change their car

Short trips, neglected maintenance, traffic jams ... tarnish the efficiency of a well-born mechanic. Engine drifts (clogging, etc.) are installing without knowledge of the driver who gets used to the drop in performance of his car. The driver then compensates by accelerating more (increase in CO2) to drive at the same speed. These functional drifts do not necessarily light up an engine warning light , they are therefore invisible to the electronic suitcase and are not not reported to the user during his maintenance.

TECHNIQUE : Studies show a great disparity in engine efficiency for the same model according to its use. Paradox , a well-maintained Euro 4 car pollutes less than a maintenance-free Euro 5 car!